Diary of a 30-something single, Asian girl: Coming in terms with the age factor

Maria H.
2 min readMay 18, 2021

Today is the day I gather all my courage and talk about a phase that comes in every girl’s life, following the aftermath of awkward conversations. No, it isn’t Botox. But merely the fact that you have finally crossed the bridge of adolescence, battling through life from the 20s brigade, standing with the support of a wooden cane, holding your broken back with the other hand and struggling to speak with the worry of your teeth falling off.

Well, that’s at least how relatives make you feel when you reach your 30s.

When I was younger, I’d think of people in their 30s as the “cool group” — financially independent, chasing dreams, in control of love life, and partying around with a few friends that you feel comfortable around.

What Asian society thinks when you reach your 30s — Old, getting worn off, lonely and stubborn.

My first encounter with the deadly age factor was when I returned home after my visit to the doctor back in Pakistan, and instead of being concerned about my gluten intolerance condition, people caught hold of a bigger, more important issue which, if registered in the UN, could hold major conferences and discussions amongst prominent world leaders. Pope included, perhaps!

My age typed in bold numbers on the medical papers opened the gates of sympathetic glares and unbearable questions from the people around me, which continues till date.

Ever since, I’ve been declared as the “rebellious outsider” who wouldn’t follow the societal norms because girls my age should have two children. I have been accused of never wanting to get married, and I emphasize on the word ‘accuse’.

Of course, I’d like to get married! Someday, when I meet someone and it just feels about right — the idea of spending your whole life with him. When it doesn’t seem too scary. Because it shouldn’t with the right person. Or so I have heard.

But as of now, as I come in terms with the age factor, getting used to the unwanted concerns of the people around me whenever my year of birth is closed, I proudly declare myself as a 30-something single, Asian girl who is still figuring life out whenever I mess-up, aiming to achieve new goals, chasing bigger dreams in life that my age cannot defeat.

A major shout-out to all the single women in their 30s, fighting the societal norms everyday and living their lives!



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